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            The Online Training Platform for China National Human Resouces (http://www.chinanet.gov.cn/) is a national online training and education platform operated by China Chuanglian Education Group Limited (“Chuanglian”). It owns modern distance occupational education and training qualification and focuses on providing trainings and continuing education services for civil servants, professionals and technicians and corporate managements. It has been widely used by the central ministries and commissions, variety industry associations, provincial and municipal government departments. 
            It has formed an online training business cluster which covers 17 provinces, 40 cities, 43 national ministries and local administrative institutions, 12 research institutes, 46 enterprises, 23 government-affiliated institutions and 24 industry associations and has cumulatively served more than 20 million users online. 

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            National Continuing Education Public Service Platform (http://www.chinacacee.com/) is a National network service cloud platform,which is sponsored by China Association for Continuing Engineering Education of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.
            According to the concept of "Professional and technical personnel's base camp",China Association for Continuing Engineering Education treat more than 68 million technology professionals,the provincial and individual societies treated as service membership units all over the country.The platform takes a gripper for match National professional and technical personnel knowledge update project and the platform is created as a membership serving,information exchanging,resource sharing and distance learning and a achievement exhibition,which to realize linkage online and interoperable offline. Building professionals distance training platforms in more fields,and to establish the most professional curriculum,authoritative specialist and active exchange forum database.It used to push hard for national technical personnel for innovative development.
            The platform hires thousands top-ranking scholars and professors.It posses professional and experienced learning resource and development team,who has  advanced recording venues and equipments.The platform has developed 1000 classes,8000 hours courses,which have independent intellectual property are updated 1000 per year. Curriculums are composed by public courses and professional courses,public courses have nine parts,which include professional quality, management,policies and regulations, current events,educational testing,professional skills, cultural literacy,comprehensive knowledge,science and technology. Professional courses partnered with universities,research institutes and industry associations.While professional courses are formed by co-cooperation on the platform,which converge authority teaching resources and excellent professional courses,such as ecological environmental protection,intellectual property,electronic commerce, information technology,petrochemical engineering,power sector, health administration, physical sports,domestic nursing,culture finance,“the Belt and Road”external legal assistance,water conservancy and energy vehicles etc.All these professional in many files will construct curriculum systems gradually .
            By means of information exchanging and resource sharing,the platform will build a bridge between member units,realize hierarchical authorization management.And it will promote the integration of project,import foreign continuing education resources,and build complete curriculum systems and industry standards.
            National Continuing Education Public Service Platform has been set up network platforms for the 12 provincial units,40 cities,6 ministries,8 industry associations and 3 universities.The platform training more than 4 million staffs each year. 

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