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    2016 Fangchenggang directly under the backbone of high school teacher training has come to a successful conclusion

    發送時間:  2016-12-27 09:12:23 信息來源:  創聯教育 瀏覽次數:  

            To further deepen the reform of the education teaching, formed in teachers' research teaching, pay attention to the effect of good educational atmosphere, improve education quality of teaching, 12 December solstice, on December 23rd, authorized by shen department of education, by ChuangLian education sponsored by the "shen subject teacher workshops 2016" the successful completion of the training task.
            The training for two weeks, according to shen nine high school discipline, a total of 258 launched a comprehensive professional backbone teachers training. Training can be divided into general, subject teaching, the response to the college entrance examination, study, independent study five modules, with hills, invited to the national famous experts and scholars to authority. Haidian district of Beijing normal university professor de-cheng zhao, famous workstation, ms wu, director of Beijing chaoyang district excellent tenure guoup leader of lam, of the college of education, Beijing, directly under the ministry of education key project expert member, proposition group and interdisciplinary school super high school teachers were invited to, is a multi-disciplinary, multi-angle training, violent content or direction of the university entrance exam, or lead the trend of teaching reform.
            Professional training content and humanized training arrangement greatly improved shen teacher's participation. Packed all courses, teachers and even arrived half an hour before the class, do homework, take notes, and classroom performance seriously by experts unanimously praised.
            The teacher went to Tsinghua high school, Beijing Normal University high school, Haidian foreign language experimental school, Beijing school, lively classroom teaching, modern campus construction for teachers eye-opening, teachers have to communicate with the school teacher teacher interaction, learn from experience.
            This training makes the backbone teachers in Fangchenggang have a new understanding of the core quality, curriculum development, school characteristics and so on. The training effect was highly praised by the leadership of the Fangchenggang Municipal Bureau of education, in 2016, the city of Fangchenggang directly under the backbone of high school teacher training on a successful conclusion.

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