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    The first national commercial crime prevention and control annual forum held in Beijing

    發送時間:  2016-12-21 10:23:20 信息來源:  創聯教育 瀏覽次數:  

            With the emergence of new tools such as Internet, mobile Internet, people's life and commercial activities have changed with each passing day; New changes also caused a variety of new types of illegal and criminal activities, including frequency of network financial crime, etc. All of these brought huge financial losses, have affected by many people at the same time, innovative forms of crime.
            "Commercial crime" of the new types of crimes done to redefine, through the field of illegal, illegal behavior such as to comb, with the surrounding, the company areas such as finance, tax, known to produce special research, to provide professional prevention and control ideas and rules, from the promotion of the professional level of law enforcers and cognitive level two aspects of the righteous, greatly reduce the crime rate in the commercial activities.
            On December 18th, sponsored by the Renmin University of China School of law, Beijing Bolian Education Technology Co. Ltd. hosted the first national "commercial crime prevention and control", the annual forum held in Renmin University of China, "commercial crime prevention and control standards established and popularized, from law enforcement, law-abiding double restrain crime.
            The forum discussed the necessity of commercial crime prevention and control theory research and the promotion of professional practice. More than 300 participants from all over the country. Among them, the Policy Research Office of the Supreme People's Procuratorate legal director Wan Chun, deputy director of human resources and Social Security Department of Chinese senior civil servants training center Liu Minchao Duan Yuping, deputy director of the National Copyright Administration of copyright management department, Law School of Tsinghua University, doctoral tutor, Party Secretary of the "business crime research center consultant Li Hong, a professor at the Renmin University of China School of law, China law the Commercial Law Research Association vice president, commercial crime research center consultant forest, Beijing Lawyers Association will grow Zi Cheng attended the event and delivered a speech.
            In this forum, the host announced the commercial crime research center "-- Zhejiang center, Shenzhen center, Wuxi research center set up, and held the awarding ceremony, Sun Guorui, Xu Shenjian Zhang Qingsong, visiting fellow, Deng Chukai hired and posed for pictures.

            To strengthen commercial crime prevention and control, to carry out the prevention and punishment is complementary, combining prevention and punishment, improve related legislation and the judicial level, BBS also conducted on the commercial crime ZhuanXiuBan "case extending training" course demonstrate, through actual cases from all over the country's lawyer, enterprise, government, further understanding of the "commercial crime".
            The country's first "commercial crime prevention and control" annual BBS held very successful, and get the high recognition industry consensus. Theory proposed commercial crime - institute of renmin university of China law "commercial crime research center", executive director, Beijing commercial crime prevention and defense lawyers association, director of the professional committee Han Bing said: a lot of new commercial activities illegal and criminal behavior has "crossover" attribute, both to understand the relevant laws to know more about these niche business essence, as the courts, administrative law enforcement and other government agencies, the need to adapt to the new form characteristics, crossover study and professional promotion; Companies also need to know from the perspective of the righteous, "red line" and "bottom line", prevent bring great losses, to maintain the long-term safe operation.

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