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    ChuangLian Education Group won the XinHua 2016 annual "social influence education group" award

    發送時間:  2016-12-12 17:40:45 信息來源:  創聯教育 瀏覽次數:  

            On December 9, 2016, sponsored by the xinhua "voice of the education of the great powers" BBS activities in Beijing a success, education industry industry big blockbuster and many cafes in sound. Enjoy the festival with "regression, wisdom, and win" as the theme, to return to the nature of education beginner's mind, pay attention to the education career, the great achievements of reform and development, as the voice of "education" of the great powers gather hui. ChuangLian education as invited guests attended the education event.

            Since founded in 2010, xinhua's "the voice of the education of the great powers" BBS activities has held seven consecutive terms, in the media in the Chinese educational, has extensive influence and power, has become the whole education industry's annual festival, glory and shortlisted for the value of total list of China's education industry education enterprises and units, are one of the most professional education in China.
            In the award ceremony, ChuangLian education uphold the concept of creating value for customers, always with ChuangLian strong brand credibility and influence among the education training institutions, won the "2016 annual social influence education group", special recognition from experts and media.
            ChuangLian education executive director and chief operating officer wang cheng said in an interview with the media: "with powerful technology and product team support, ChuangLian education future will adhere to the" education + technology + financial "troika. ChuangLian vocational education as the starting point, through continuous innovation and international cooperation, business development to basic education, preschool education, etc, to carry out the study projects. ChuangLian education is the first company in the domestic system of mutual life insurance organization, the letter beauty life mutual insurance club one of the main sponsors, as well as the layout of mobile payments, and other fields, through continuous investment and cooperation, expanding ChuangLian financial extension, innovation and entrepreneurship as a normal work. Through ChuangLian" more than a cloud screen, three screen interaction "all media education services, make people feel Internet + education brings high quality experience."

            The grand ceremony, ChuangLian education harvest quite abundant, to write brilliancy, let China's education industry witnessed ChuangLian education strong brand strength and extensive social influence. ChuangLian education will continue to work hard, and constantly create value for customers, for students to provide quality products and services, is committed to service via the Internet enhance China's overall education level and quality.
            The following is the xinhua reports about the interview content:


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