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    Trustmutuallife insurance company officially opened in Beijing

    發送時間:  2018-05-17 14:15:33 信息來源:  創聯教育 瀏覽次數:  

    China's first mutual life insurance company, Trustmutuallife, recently officially opened its business in Beijing and issued the first batch of insurance policies. Ms. Yang Fan,  the legal representative of  Trustmutuallife , presented the first policy to Jing Xiandong,  the president of Ant Financial, at the opening ceremony. 
    Mr. Lu Xing, executive director and chairman of the board of directors of China Chuanglian Education Financial Group Limited, among other 8 main founder-members, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. The development of mutual insurance serves as an important measure for further advancing supply-side structural reform. As one of the pilot programmes, Trustmutuallife focuses on two major user needs---endowment and health---pushes forward efforts to put emphasis back on the essence of insurance  with the aid of innovative models and technologies such as blockchain technology developed by Ant Financial.
    As a mutual life insurance company, Trustmutuallife does not have any shareholders and its real ownership belongs to all of its members, which is that a subscription to any long-term insurance product of  Trustmutuallife will immediately transforms into membership. In addition to enjoying the rights stipulated in  insurance policy, members of Trustmutuallife have right to elect, right to be elected, right to supervise and right to share profits. Members could select in a one-person-one-vote way their own representatives to participate in the management of Trustmutuallife.  Any disclosure of important informations of  Trustmutuallife will also be publicly made to its members, Any profits will be distributed in form of dividend to their members.
    China Chuanglian Education Financial Group Limited has been committed to the education industry. The company’s service-oriented principle enable us to see customers as our first priority, to constantly satisfy and anticipate customer needs, to offer  our clients with comprehensive and integrated services. In addition to its traditional business, the Group could also provide with insurance services specially designed for professional and technical personnels and vertical users group of special fields.
    In 2016, the Group set foot in the field of insurance sector, and jointly established Trustmutuallife insurance company with other eight sponsors such as Ant Financial, Tianhong Asset Management, Tempus. Trustmutuallife was granted its licence on May 11, 2017, it also marks that Chuanglian Group henceforth has ability to provide insurance services for its customers.

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