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    Civil-military integration learning network is launched

    發送時間:  2016-12-07 09:41:30 信息來源:  創聯教育 瀏覽次數:  

            Recently, ChuangLian Education Group and sichuan aviation human resources service co., LTD. Jointly create the civil-military integration of learning network official launch ceremony was held in chengdu, sichuan province. ChuangLian education executive director and chief investment officer and sichuan ChuangLian branch chairman, Mr Xiao-dong wu ChuangLian education, executive director of dong-fu li Sir, sichuan ChuangLian branch deputy general manager Mr TongLei, aviation manpower chairman ms Wei Jing, general manager Mr Hu yuan attended the ceremony.

            Civil military integration learning network is the first landing project year education group and the strategic cooperation of human aviation. Through the full integration of military technology and management with private resources, to provide practical and effective training solutions. Integration of military and civilian learning network will be integrated through online and offline training, covering the general level of training to the professional content.
            Civil-military integration network learning with thousands of top experts, scholars and related leading cadres, production has accumulated 1200, more than 7000 hours of teaching courseware, covering management, policies and regulations, current event hot spot, the education of scientific examination, professional skills, cultural quality, science and technology, such as multiple modules, to provide enterprises with comprehensive talents training plan.
            Enterprises can buy points through the establishment of a sound training system, matching or allow employees to choose their own courses, effectively improve the effectiveness and satisfaction of staff training. The year of education with human aviation will face market launched a comprehensive training services.

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