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    Exchange of visits France visit ChuangLian education, short-term vocational training programs to discuss cooperation pla

    發送時間:  2016-10-31 14:43:48 信息來源:  創聯教育 瀏覽次數:  

            On October 26, 2016, the French exchange visits between group came to ChuangLian education group visit, cooperation project interchange, short-term study in France, vocational training, such as content, with China continuing engineering education association, ChuangLian education in exchange for the first time. Commissioner of China training center of senior civil servants after teach Ma Runqing, ChuangLian education group executive director and chief operating officer wang cheng, Yu Dongbin relevant principals, Ni ZhiHua, QuLingFeng and others to participate in the meeting, discuss with France exchange tour to discuss.

            By the French mulberry thayer OTT som youth vocational education training center (MEEF Santerre Haute - Somme), the coastal areas of picardy youth employment innovation service center (MLPM), pull the vocational education training center (MEF DE LAON), thayer's vocational education training center (MEF DE Tergnier), amiens higher education delegation composed of representatives of preparatory school, introduced the French comprehensive vocational training situation, local features and previous cooperation pattern, etc.
            French pickup the coastal areas of youth employment innovation service center as an example, it belongs to the national public utilities services, enjoy the European, national and local government financial support, the main work is the reception, guidance, education and help 16 to 25 years old young graduates find work as soon as possible after leave campus, into the society. Amiens in higher education, is devoted to study abroad in France preparatory college and career development and training programs, through the exchange visit, want to French cooking the excellent technology into China, mechanics, etc.
            Other training center also for intends to improve the knowledge and skills of candidates or incumbents provide continuing education, through a series of practical information and training programs to help them improve their professional skills and knowledge, so as to get more job, opportunities for advancement. At the same time also to participate in the development of vocational training for the project, and to promote continuing education plan, start international communication platform, within the jurisdiction of investigation, analysis and evaluation, professional supply and demand and employment information.
            As the current China's civil service training and professional and technical personnel to continue education field's largest network platform, at the same time as China continues to engineering education association, standing director of ChuangLian intend, it is the responsibility of education, collaborative continuing engineering education association of China, organizations and to promote the domestic continue education related training work. Contingent on the project in the future, ChuangLian and France swaps, short-term study abroad, vocational training, travel and other cooperation projects further in-depth discussion, in order to develop technical communication method between the two countries in training activities, training information resource sharing, make the method to the training institutions of the two countries can learn from each other, exchange of experience, complement each other, to cultivate more talents.

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